Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Lotronox

So I tried getting Lotronox for my IBS, the best medication available for people sufferering from IBS-D. NO, said my doctor. I did know that Lotronox has only been approved for women because that was the group they only did tests on. If a drug is only tested on one gender, that is the gender that FDA will approve the drug for. That doesn't mean it's useless for men. Many men have tried it and have had success with treating their IBS. Several doctors are now starting to prescribe it to men, even though that is against recommendations. Unfortunately, my doctor is not one of those forward thinkers.

Even though I've had IBS for 15 years now, my doctor still comes up with clueless solutions such as "eh, how about trying adding more fiber to your diet?". What a bunch of bullocks. He obviously hasn't listened to when I told him what my diet consists of and that I've tried fiber supplements multiple times before.

Then he goes...."you just have to learn to live with it". Yeah right....what do you think I've done the last 15 years.

Anyway, I got this doctor because I tried to save some money on my health insurance. Not worth it. Going back to my old insurance and my old doctor who had some more foresight.

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