Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on my Lomotil usage

I have previously posted about the medicine called Lomotil (might be called something else where you live) here: http://www.toilet.se/2009/03/lomotil-for-ibs_12.html

Well, I thought I'd post an update. I've been taking this drug on and off now for almost 2 years and have both positive and negative things to say about Lomotil.

Benefits: Lomotil works great in reducing urgency, diarrhea, and anxiety in people suffering from IBS-D. It's effective, not to strong, gentle, and don't have many side effects. I would almost consider it a "happy drug" considering how well it makes me feel when I don't have any IBS symptoms.

Problem: The two only things I don't like about this drug is that my body builds up a tolerance and it's also hard to stop taking the drug.

Tolerancy: If I take Lomotil for a week or more my body gets used to it and I need to take more for it to be effective. I don't have to say why this is a bad thing. To prevent this from happening I take the drug for a few days and then take a break from it when I don't really need it as much. This seems to work in preventing tolerancy but it causes other issues:

It's hard to stop taking it. When I take Lomotil I feel fine but once I stop taking it then I get extremely tired and unmotivated. I guess it's some kind of withdrawal symptoms. This lasts for 2 days and then I'm back to normal.

Despite the issues I've had with this drug the benefits are far better so I will keep taking Lomotil as needed.

Disclaimer: As I said before, please talk to your doctor before you start taking any medications.

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